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Innovation Award by PAK-AUS Engineering Association

FMT is thrilled to announce that its innovative Train Examination System (TRES) has been honoured with the prestigious Innovation Award 2022 by the Pak-Aus Engineering Association in Sydney. TRES represents a cutting-edge blend of advanced robotics and FMT's proprietary sensor technology, specifically designed for autonomous inspections of trains, trams, and various rolling stock.

The recognition bestowed upon FMT at the award ceremony was truly an exceptional moment. Sharing the stage with esteemed leaders from the community, including Mr. Insaf Khan, the President of the Pak-Aus Engineering Association, H.E. Zahid Hafeez Ch, the High Commissioner of Pakistan, Ms. Julia Finn, a Parliament Member, and Ms. Elena Shulyak, the Chair of the Migrant Engineers Group in Sydney.

TRES has revolutionised the field of train inspections by introducing autonomous capabilities that enhance efficiency, accuracy, and safety. By leveraging state-of-the-art robotics and FMT's proprietary sensor technology, TReS is capable of conducting comprehensive inspections of trains, trams, and other rolling stock without human intervention. This groundbreaking system streamlines the inspection process, reduces maintenance costs, and ensures the highest standards of safety and reliability.

FMT remains dedicated to driving forward with groundbreaking solutions that shape the future of maintenance and engineering. The Innovation Award 2022 serves as a powerful motivation to continue our pursuit of excellence, and we are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead as we continue to lead the industry with our cutting-edge technologies and solutions.