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Asset Management Framework in the Australian Defence Force

FMT played a crucial role in providing Asset Management professional services to CASG Maritime as part of Plan Galileo. The objective was to implement asset management best practices during the transition of Maritime to an evolved operating concept. FMT's involvement included defining the Asset Management Framework and enhancing key software toolsets and processes.

FMT personnel took the lead in developing the AM framework and associated guidance, which offered several benefits:

  1. Standardised Approach: FMT established a documented and standardised approach to asset management, building upon existing management systems, policies, processes, and guidance.
  2. Alignment with ISO 55000: The language used across Maritime was aligned with ISO 55000 standards, ensuring consistency and compatibility.
  3. Detailed Guidance: FMT provided detailed guidance tailored to Maritime for each requirement of ISO 55001, offering specific insights and best practices.
  4. Exemplars of Good Practice: FMT also shared exemplars of good practice to further enhance asset management within Maritime.

Additionally, FMT personnel offered advice on initiatives, organisational change management, and the implementation and improvement of toolsets, processes, and policies. Given the size and complexity of Defence as an organisation, asset management frameworks had to address various stakeholders and touch multiple aspects. FMT developed a strong foundation to understand how all the elements fit together, including the organisation's doctrine, structure, relationship with industry, planning cycles, management systems, strategic documentation, policies, processes, and initiatives.

Drawing upon best practices and FMT's expertise in applying ISO 55000 to large complex organisations, the approach focused on making asset management comprehensible to everyone within the organisation. This approach ensured that the requirements and intentions of the ISO 55000 Asset Management standards were fully embedded into Maritime, providing a solid foundation for effective implementation.